Soft Skills for Professionals

A-Z Soft Skills in Practice ®



In today’s life style and business environment, success and well-being can not only be achieved by hard skill – technical and academic qualifications, but equally important is your level of soft skills.
The Soft Skills in Practice ® program is a rich development training package, designed by and provided in Change Zone since 2005, with proven record of changing people’s lives.

Change Zone’s Soft Skills In Practice ®

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In Practice ® & Coaching

  • Professional Development Profile
  • One-on-One Coaching by Expert Trainers

International Accreditation

  • Accredited Hours by IACET; The USA and the World’s trusted accreditation body.


  • Professional Template Package
  • Personal Support Template Package

Learning is Fun & Dynamic

  • Learning by Interactive Games
  • Workshop Discussions Full of Energy
  • Modules

    • Communication Skills
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • Presentation Skills
    • Personal Finance
    • Problem Solving
    • Creative and Critical Thinking
    • Decision Making
    • Business Etiquette
    • Business Writing
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Organizational Culture
  • Methods

    • Interactive Dialogue
    • Role Play
    • Videos
    • Group Discussions
    • Experiential Learning

Your In Practice ® Project

You Choose a Project From Your Field/Company, We Coach & Supervise You One-on-One, Until You Complete it Successfully

Change Zone , Our mini MBA , PMP , HRM , CEO , Leadership one on one coaching

  • Change Zone’s In Practice® Approach

    1. Choose the field and idea of your project
    2. Attend Workshops
    3. Work on your project through the period of the program
    4. Expert coaches supervise your work and provide one-on-one coaching
    5. Complete your project and present it

  • Group Coaching
  • Soft Skills Workbook, containing:
    • Time management templates
    • Stress management templates
    • Personal finance templates
    • Problem management templates
    • Decision making templates
    • Business writing templates
    • Class Presentation
    • Negotiation role play

International Accreditation & Certification Hours

Change Zone IACET Accreditation , MBA , PMP , HRM , EI

  • Change Zone is an Authorized Provider by the International Association of Continuous Education and Training (IACET) . You will be granted Continuous Education Units (CEUs) upon submitting Project Work and Assessment in Change Zone
  • Change Zone’s CEUs are recognized by more than 500 universities & institutions around the world

More About IACET

Trainer’s Profile

Decades of Practical Experience

  • Amin Al-Tal , MBA (Read more...)
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Hull University, UK.
    • Recognized Coach by the Association of Coaching, UK.
    • Team Leading Award – Institute of Leadership and Management ( ILM), Hull – UK
    • Certificate in Communication and Assertiveness Skills, Hull University, UK
    • Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.
    • Certified Innovation Manager – German University.
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy and play and Psychodrama therapy – Bana for psychological training and consulting, Amman.
    • BA in Computer Science, from PSUT – Jordan

Graduates’ Success Stories

CSince 2005 Change Zone helps tremendous number of professionals to start businesses, improve companies’ results, or achieve career shifts.

More Success Stories

  • Course Time and Duration

    • Start Date: 20th November 2017
    • Duration:
    • 12 Weeks, Monday, 6:00 PM– 09:00 PM
    • Total 50 hours:
      • Training Workshops
      • Group Coaching
  • Convenient Payment for You

    • Program fees 350  : Covers full package: training, coaching, material
    • Can be paid over 5 monthly installments , First Payment isn’t Required
    • VISA available

Our Contact Information

Telephone: (00962) 6 5666 848

Mobile: (00962) 799 440 133

Join the 1st Session of Soft Skills in Practice® Course for Free

Before formally enrolling in the Soft Skills program, Change Zone grants you the chance to test the water by attending the first session of the training.