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“Too often, today’s businesses implement simple solutions to complex problems. But as many soon discover, quick-fixes fail because they are not holistic or creative enough in diagnosing and treating complex problems. They focus on the parts of the organization rather than the whole, take little account of interaction, and think that there is only one best solution in all circumstances.”

Professor Jackson

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Corporate Therapy

Corporate Therapy is an evolving discipline that combines management and psychology to change people’s attitude at the workplace and improves organizational performance.

If not well considered, today’s solutions may become tomorrow’s problems. Therefore, in tackling wicked problems, problem structuring assumes greater importance than problem-solving using conventional techniques. If problem formulation is ignored or badly handled, managers may end up solving, very thoroughly and precisely, the wrong problem.

Corporate Therapy focuses on the critical diagnosis of problematic situations, and then setting a treatment plan that aims to influences people beliefs, emotions and behavior in the workplace. The change aims to shape sustainable improvements of certain aspects of corporate culture.


Change Zone has been developing distinctive core competencies in performing Corporate Therapy Projects, with remarkable success rate. Change Zone, competently, transformed several times, corporate cultures which enables corporate to successfully execute key strategies.