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True Stories

Human Resources Management In Practice

Mr. Ahmad Abu Al-Ruz

Human Resources Manager – AL Tazaj


A unique and rich experience in the field of human resources strategic planning and development. This training course has prepared us in different aspects of strategic planning and business analysis and improved our decision making skills HR planning.

Ms. Deema Al-Rasheed

Human Resources Admin & Supervisor


Change Zone’s Human Resources Management course helped me to expand my knowledge in HR. as my first job is an admin and HR manager, I was able to apply my knowledge at work and change the existing mistakes and problems, so it has strengthened my abilities and skills. Honestly all my success at work I dedicate to this exceptional program and the expert coaches.

Ms. Luma Al Far

HR Manager – I-Systems


Through this training course I was able to identify the effective role human resources management to achieve corporates’ strategic goals, and I was able to improve the training and development procedures of our employees and achieve great results and improve performance.

Mr. Malek Al-Abbadi

HR Manager – Al Ameed Coffee


In this human resources management training course, I have easily gained experience and knowledge due to the practical nature of the program, and this experience has been applied in various human resources plans and policies at work which had a positive impact on the performance of our HR department.

Mr. Mohammad Ababneh

Administrative Affairs at Al – Jafar Contracting Co.


A unique and an exquisite experience in the field of human resources management and strategic development. This training program has improved our strategic and analysis skills and this played a huge role in achieving our corporate strategic goals.

Ms. Rema Salem

Human Resources Supervisor – Jerash Pharma


I was able to apply what I have learned and practiced during the program directly at my work with the help of the expert coaches. The course material and templates covered all the modern aspects of Human Resources Management