human resources management In Practice ®

Whether you work in the field of human resources, or organizational development, this program begins with you step by step, to learn and professionally apply human resources procedures in your work environment, and then to learn and apply institutional development and excellence methodologies, and to integrate and harmonize the two functions together in order to improve the performance of the institution.

This program, with its innovative design, enables you to develop the role of human resources in your organization. It also builds you to play the role of institutional excellence, and to integrate them to develop the performance of the institution.

We Are Different

Your Unique Experience 

In Practice®

A project supported by personalized coaching of experts.


Time, financial, and methods to make it light on your routine.


IACET is the most reliable and trusted accreditation globally.

Digital Journey

Digitalized Journey with personal care and quality assurance.

HRM In Practice


Strategic Management
  • The Business Model
  • The Value Proposition
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Business Environment Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategy Execution
  • Strategic and Tactical Learning
  • Strategy-Focused Organization
    Organizational Structure
    Human Resource Development & KM
    Performance Management
    Workforce Management
    Employee Handbook
    Motivation and Job satisfaction
    Risk Management OSHA
    Job Design, Description and Specification
    Business Process Management
    • What is a Process?
    • Function versus Process View
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Aligning Process with Strategy
    • Process Modeling
    • Process Improvement (7 R’s)
    • Process Measurement – Process KPIs
    • Project Work
    • Case Studies
              Compensation &Reward Management
              Focused Business Model
              Career Path & Succession Plan
              Employee and Labor Relation
              Jordanian Law of Labor


                Organizational Performance &HR Scorecard

                We Are Different

                In Practice Methodolegy

                In Practice ®

                • You Choose a Project idea From Your Field of work or your Company.
                • Attend workshops.
                • Work on your project through the period of the program.
                • Expert coaches supervise your project work One-on-One Until You Complete it Successfully.
                • Complete your project and present it.

                One-on-One Coaching

                Through Change Zone’s one-on-one systematic coaching process. An expert coach will guide you through customizing the process, methods, and content to your specific needs.

                The Impact

                Graduation Projects

                Mr. Ahmad Abu Al-Ruz

                Human Resources Manager 

                Project Summary

                Sustainable Development Professional


                International Accreditation

                Change Zone is an Authorized Provider by the International Association of Continuous Education and Training (IACET).

                You will be granted Continuous Education Units (CEUs) upon submitting Project Work and Assessment in Change Zone.

                Change Zone’s CEUs are recognized by more than 500 universities & institutions around the world.

                Delighted Companions


                Dema Al Rashed

                 HR Manager- Fortune Agency

                change zone HR course helped me to expand my knowledge in HR.  I was able to apply my knowledge at work . I dedicate to change zone HR course, Trainers and given knowledge

                Malek Al Abadi


                HR Manager-Al Ameed

                I acquired many skills & knowledge related to HRM. This is due to the practical nature of this course, and it was reflected and implemented in my work

                Zeina Akif

                HR Specialist – JORAMCO

                It was very useful experience. On the practical level. I can design and develop an organizational structure and job descriptions. It also helped me in interviews for new opportunities.



                Time Convenient



                The Impact 

                Success Stories

                Mrs. Luma Al Far 

                Human Resources Manager


                HRM In Practice

                Program Information

                Program Hours

                  Total Hours 60

                  • Training Workshops
                  • One-on-One Coaching
                  • Project Work

                 Once a Week
                 Duration 2 Hours
                 After Working Hours


                 Program fees can be paid over monthly installments
                 Cash discounts are applied
                 Payment Methods

                  • Cash
                  • Bank Transfer
                  • Bank Deposit
                  • Visa/Master Card
                  • Online Payment

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