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Change Agents choose a real-world project and work on it throughout the program with expert coaches’ support to the point they make it successfully

In Practice ®

In Practice ® Approach

The project aims to apply the proposals of the program to a practical situation, so that in the future you can build self-sufficiency and apply to other cases to improve results and achieve your goals, to ensure you the maximum possible benefit from that experience, so that the project is managed with you according to regular procedures and methodology from Through an advanced quality and governance system according to international standards

Choose your Project

You choose the field and idea of ​​your project. Your project may be a new idea in the process of establishing, or a specific development on an existing institution from the reality of your business

Attend Workshops

You attend workshops to learn theoretical principles and see practical examples from a variety of situations

Work on your Project

You start working on the project over the course of the program, applying the knowledge presented in the workshops first to your project.

Get Supervised

The consultants following the program supervise your project throughout the program period, and hold individual meetings to provide practical guidance and promote concepts

Present your Project

The participants (by choice) present to the participants a presentation of their projects that have been successfully implemented, with the aim of sharing and transferring various experiences

Get Support

We follow up with you after the programs for a period of six months to a year, to monitor your benefit from the programs and benefit from the feedback

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