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Graduation Projects

mini MBA In Practice

Mr. Adel Shukri Mannoun

Bio medical Engineer-First National Medical

First National Medical Services

Project Summary

FNMS is a company that provides medical imaging equipment and all the services related to the supplied equipment to Hospitals, clinics and radiography centers. Being Siemens Healthcare advanced partner for more than 14 years we provide top of the line Siemens manufactured equipment.

Mr. Adel Shawqi Al-Hattab

Mechanical Engineer-Al-Razzaz Group

Tawjihi Care Center

Project Summary

Tawjihi Care is a comfortable and a quiet environment for Tawjihi students to study and prosper, it provides professional academic and psychological counseling for students.

Mr. Shakeeb Saleh

General Manager at Al-Ghattas Drug Store

Tawjihi Care Center

Project Summary

Al-Ghattass Drug Store is a medical store that responsible of marketing sales and distribution of the company’s products.

Ms. Lana Sajdi

Managing Director – Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks

Project Summary

A sole proprietorship wholesale company that distributes pre packed dried fruits from the local market of Jordan.  Our product is packed in one serving size with nutritional label and shown next to the CHIPS stands; high traffic, handy, healthy alternative to chips & at a competitive price.

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