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Supply Chain In Practice ®


The Supply Chain Management in Practice ® is the practical business training, accredited internationally, and delivered by consultants, who train and supervise you to work on your own business project until it is delivered successfully.

In Practice ® & Coaching


You Choose a Project From Your Field/Company, We Coach & Supervise You One-on-One, Until You Complete it Successfully

International Accreditation


Accredited Hours by IACET; USA and World’s trusted accreditation body.


Change Zone’s CEUs are recognized by more than 500 universities & institutions around the world

Business Tools & Software


Professional Business Template Package


Process Modeling Software


Financial Templates

Materials & Methods


Comprehensive Detailed Study Notes


Real Business Cases Examples


International Business Articles

Supply Chain Modules & Syllabus

Strategic Management

  • The Business Model
  • The Value Proposition
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Business Environment Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategy Execution
  • Strategic and Tactical Learning
  • Strategy-Focused Organization
  • Case Studies
  • Project Work

Supply Chain Management

  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver

Demand Planning and sales forecasting

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Forming the Committee
  • On-Tim-In-Full
  •  Sales Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Cash flow Planning
  • Variance Analysis
  •  Optimizations

Business Process Management

  • What is a Process?
  • Function versus Process View
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Aligning Process with Strategy
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Analysis
  • Process Measurement

Procurement Management:

  • Plan procurement
  • Suppliers’ selection and evaluation
  • Offers evaluation
  • Claims administration
  • Purchase Order
  • Manage relationship with suppliers

Warehouse management

  • Pre-receipt
  • Receiving
  • Put a way and storage 
  • Picking
  • Layout & preparation
  • Full ABC analysis
  • Stock Management
  • Stock or inventory counting
  •  Storage and handling equipment
  • Warehouse Performance
  • Management KPIs
  • Warehouse Management
  • Systems WMS
  • Just- in-time
  • Warehouse Cost
  • Warehouse quality control

Marketing Management

  • The functions of marketing
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing Communication Plan
  • Pricing Strategies

Delivery and Logistics

  • Logistics
  • Order management
  • Deliver
  • Return
  • Shipment Logistics
  • Order management
  • Deliver
  • Return
  • Shipment

Lean Supply Chain Process

  • Process Analysis: (Waste, VA, NVA)
  • Process Improvement (7 R’s)
  • Process Measurement – Process KPIs

Quality Management and warehouse quality control

  • Quality Management Functions
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Complaint Management

Risk Management

  • Identify risk management
  • Formulate a risk register and risk response plan
  • Recognize warehouse risks

Supply Chain Dashboard and KPIs

  • Measure supply chain performance

Change Management

  • Align Change Agenda with Strategy
  • Behavior Change
  • Transformational Leadership

Customer Relationship Management

  • Client Retention
  • Key Accounts

The Finance of Supply Chain

Program Language

Training material is provided in English ,workshops’ discussion  and demonstration are provided in Arabic.

International Accreditation


Change Zone is an Authorized Provider by the International Association of Continuous Education and Training (IACET (Mockup). You will be granted Continuous Education Units (CEUs) upon submitting Project Work and Assessment in Change Zone


Change Zone’s CEUs are recognized by more than 500 universities & institutions around the world

In Practice ® 

You Choose a Project From Your Field/Company, We Coach & Supervise You One-on-One, Until You Complete it Successfully

In Practice ® Approach
  • Choose the field and idea of your project
  • Attend workshops
  • Work on your project through the period of the program
  • Expert coaches supervise your work and provide one-on-one coaching
  • Complete your project and present it
Professional Templates

You will receive a rich package of professional templates and tools, which you can use to work on your project with Change Zone. You can use those tools in your professional work.


One-on-One Coaching

Through Change Zone’s one-on-one systematic coaching process, an expert coach will guide you through customizing the process, methods and content to your specific needs.

Supply Chain In Practice ® Graduation Projects

Mr. Adel Shukri Mannoun

Bio medical Engineer-First National Medical

First National Medical Services

Project Summary

FNMS is a company that provides medical imaging equipments and all the services related to the supplied equipments to Hospitals, clinics and radiography centers. Being Siemens Healthcare advanced partner for more than 14 years we provide top of the line Siemens manufactured equipments.

Consultants Profiles

Decades of Practical Experience

Mr. Amin Al-Tal
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Hull University, UK.
  • Recognized Coach by the Association of Coaching, UK.
  • Team Leading Award – Institute of Leadership and Management ( ILM), Hull – UK
  • Certificate in Communication and Assertiveness Skills, Hull University, UK
  • Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.
  • Certified Innovation Manager – German University.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy and play and Psychodrama therapy – Bana for psychological training and consulting, Amman.
  • BA in Computer Science, from PSUT – Jordan
Mrs. Ruba Jabri
  • Master of Management, Hasselt University, Belgium
  • Recognized Coach by the Association of Coaching, UK.
  • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO OHSAS 18001.
  • Certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001.
  • Certified Innovation Management Consultant.
  • Study skills, assertiveness for women, and communication skills – Hull University
  • BA in Computer Science, from PSUT – Jordan.

Supply Chain Success Stories

Since 2005 Change Zone helps tremendous number of professionals to start businesses, improve companies’ results, or achieve career shifts.

Mr.Eyad Abo Goush

Pharmaceutical Rep. – Pharma International


The mini MBA program delivers modern business topics delivered in unconventional learning methods and interactive workshops

Mr.Eyad Abo Goush

Pharmaceutical Rep. – Pharma International


The mini MBA program delivers modern business topics delivered in unconventional learning methods and interactive workshops

Course Hours

Total 50 Hours

  • Training Workshops
  • Project One-on-One Coaching
  • Project Submission & Assessment

Convenient Payment for You

Program fees can be paid over monthly installments

Cash discounts are applied

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