Unique Value

In Practice ®

In Practice ®

In-Practice methodology guides Change Agents to apply theoretical concepts of training programs to real-world projects to bridge the gap between theory and actual implementation. As a learner, you choose a project from your field or passion and apply the concepts with personal supervision and one-on-one Coaching to achieve your goals.  

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching is a process of caring about and guiding the learner throughout the learning journey. The training coordinator makes sure you book a private session with the training consultant to receive special attention and support to achieve your project goals.

Unique Value


Convenience aims to make the learning journey light and pleasant to fit learners’ changing conditions. 

Time Convenience

You can start your training anytime and customize it to your routine

  • Recorded Training: start learning through recorded videos and material anytime, anywhere.
  • Live Training: a new live course starts four times a year. Every quarter, there is a new course.
  • Once a Week: live session conducted once a week, after working hours.

You can mix between recorded training and live training sessions and complete the program at a convenient pace, In Practice. 

Budget Convenience

  • You can pay by installments.
  • You can use many payment methods:
    • Visa, online payment, bank deposit, bank transfer, cash , check, etc…
  • Cash discounts.

Place: Onsite & Online Training

  • Onsite training:
    • Comfortable training rooms setup
    • Clear display Screens
  • Online training :
    • Live online training with group interaction
    • Robust electronic training platforms

Media: Self Paced & Live Training

  • Online portal is available, through which you can find:
    • Material
    • Recorded session
    • View your training information
    • Manage your payments
    • Ask for support

Support Team

  • Our dedicated customer care team, will provide you with required support and help.

Unique Value

WOW Customer Journey

 The excellence of your development journey is one of the key factors: 

A to Z Digitalized Process

covering your journey services, including registration, enrolment, learning, coaching, payment, customer services, attendance, assessment, and certification 

Personalized Care

One-on-one coaching and service follow-up

Quality Assurance 

Ensuring satisfaction and meeting your development objectives .


Internatioanl Accreditation

Change Zone is The First IACET Authorised

Provider in Middle East 

International Association for Continuous Education & Training (IACET)

Change Zone has successfully met every element of the ANSI/IACET standards for Continuing Education and Training requirements, and thus Change Zone is proud to become a Authorized IACET Provider.