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  • We congratulate Shawan Furniture company team for completing Mini MBA In Practice & Supply Chain Management In Practice programs successfully.
  • Siniora (company) - Wikipedia We congratulate Sinora company team for completing Sales Growth Management In Practice program successfully.
  • Kasih Food – Kasih Food Production Company We congratulate AL Kasih company team for completing Business Process Modeling program successfully.

  • Unigaz Jordan We congratulate Uni Gaz company team for completing Sales Growth Management In Practice program successfully.

Your Story of Change Begins

As you step into the Change Zone, your world is in the process of change like never before. So, reenergize your dreams and recall your passion for starting with a companion who believes in your every vision. 

Change Environment

We are a companion to surround you with knowledge, process, psychic energy, and technology to raise your resilience through a change journey. 

Change Agents

We believe that change agents develop unique qualities to make change stories, and we seek such a change engagement with you. 

Change Initiatives

Change stories start with simple steps; an initiative, so we supply it with a rational mindset, the right people, and efficacious methods. 

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Impactful Change Services  

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Change Service


In Practice, convenient and accredited training through a journey of excellence.


Result-oriented, agile, and systematic change that enhances sustainable corporate maturity.


Systematic one-on-one coaching, guidance, and support to empower your independent competence.


In Numbers

Change Zone’s mission is to manifest constructive impact among Change Agents. Through 17 years of perseverance, continual learning, and authentic decisions, we have been contributing to the world 


Change Agents


Change Success


International Accreditation

International Association for Continuous Education & Training (IACET)

Change Zone has successfully met every element of the ANSI/IACET standards for Continuing Education and Training requirements, and thus Change Zone is proud to become a Authorized IACET Provider.


Customers Journey

In Practice

A project supported by personalized coaching of experts.


Time, financial, and methods to make it light on your routine.


IACET is the most reliable and trusted accreditation globally.

WOW Journey

Digitalized Journey with personal care and quality assurance.


Change Agents

Ms Malika Zakarneh

 Founder – Jadara Electronics

The impact on my career “Raise perfromance level of my company”.

Mr. Alaa Al Mahameed

Factory Manager – Al Hikma

The impact on my career “Became a factory manager in one of the best internaltional companies”.

Mr. Abdulla Zaghal

Product Manager – Patco

The impact on my career ” Improve the decision making process in my compnay”.


Success Stories

Change is a story, it starts with an imagined future, rational leadership, and a special change recipe for each case as every case is unique by nature. And as we unlocked the keys to impactful change, a new story of prosperity begins. 

Change Zone is honored to work with local and international corporations among various sectors.

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